Car & Truck Water Leak Diagnosis & Repair
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Water Leak Repair

Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair

2717 N. Hayden Island Dr., Portland, OR

Right at the I-5 Bridge; take the Jantzen Beach Exit

Fixing Rain Water Leaks in Cars Since 1998

Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair has been fixing rain water leaks in cars right here in the Portland/Vancouver area since 1998.  For many years, the company was known as the Water Doctor.  The name changed in 2004 to Water Leak Repair but people never gave up calling for the doctor.  So, beginning in 2010, the doctor, once again, is in

By Appointment Only

Water Leak Repair

How does this process work?:
Diagnosis and repair is done by appointment only at 2717 N. Hayden Island Dr. in Portland, Oregon.
The shop is 1/2 mile from the I-5 Bridge.  Google Map gives excellent directions.
The process begins when a customer, you, phones 1-800-582-5025.  Dr. Agua wants to know the make, model, and year of the leaky vehicle, where the water appears and whether your vehicle has been collision repaired but NOTE we do not work on cars older than 2002.
You will be asked a series of information gathering questions.  Your accurate answers are critical to you getting your leak problem resolved in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money possible.

Here are some things you want to do to enhance your chances of having us work on your car

1) Don't argue with the leak doctor.  We reserve our right to refuse service to anyone without discrimination.  If we sense that you are going to be difficult or unreasonable we will NOT work on your vehicle.

2) Don't tell us what you saw on Youtube, or that you know exactly where the leak is, or exactly what needs to be fixed.  If you know how to fix the problem just do it yourself or pay somebody else to do it.  You are calling us because you have a problem that you don't know how to fix.  It is why we are in business; let us do what we do best and you are almost assured of a good experience.

3) Don't ask us to make exceptions to our rules (no cars older than 2002; no waiting around for your car to be fixed).

4) Don't threaten to leave a bad review on Yelp because we won't work on your car.  We have told Yelp to take us off of their service or to allow us to state that WE WILL NOT WORK for people who found us on Yelp.  That can't be done, so formal announcement:  If you are a Yelp customer, WE WILL NOT WORK ON YOUR CAR, so don't call.

5)  If you have just bought your car and find it has a leak, you probably bought it from a shady character who buys and sells wrecked cars, and your car is not fixable at a reasonable cost; or the previous owner tried and failed to find and fix the leak and has offloaded the problem on to you.  These kinds of calls make us feel terrible because we have to tell you the bad news and also that we won't work on your car.  It really makes one feel gutted to have to be the bearer of such heartbreaking news.

Please, if you have just bought your car off of a craigslist ad and did the transaction in some parking lot, don't call.  We have nothing but bad news for you.

Once you have passed your intake examination, together, we will choose a time and day to meet at the shop.  One half hour before the appointed time, you will call 1-800-582-5025 to confirm the appointment and receive explicit directions to the shop.  Customer check in time is between 9:00 am and 10:30 am on the appointed day.

At the shop, you will fill out a little paperwork, hand the keys to Dr. Agua and drive away in either the car that accompanied you, or there is excellent access to public transit within easy walking distance.
The repair process begins with a diagnosis or water test for which there is a flat fee (think cheap cellphone), and the actual repair is almost always completed for very little additional expense.

The next time you are contacted it will usually be to make arrangements for pick up and delivery of your repaired vehicle.

Is my car safe?
:  Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair carries full Garage Keeper's Liability Insurance.  So long as your vehicle is in Dr. Agua's custody it is protected by this insurance policy.  If your car needs to remain overnight, it is kept inside the shop.  Doctor Agua will return the car to nobody but the customer.

How long does a Water Leak Repair take?
:  Most repairs are completed in around 5 hours, but you will need to leave the car at least all day.

The Dealer/Body Shop said you are mobile, can you come to my home?
:  Now that we are paying all this money for a new facility we don't do housecalls.
I've got a 1958 Studebaker with a water leak, can you help me?
:  Unless you want only a Diagnosis, anything older than 2002 likely needs to go to a body shop for proper restoration.  The problem with older cars is that they are tougher to fix AND they are more likely to need new parts.  Parts are expensive and actually cost us money too so we don't like to buy new parts.  Yet, most people with older cars don't want to spend more money on them because the cars aren't worth as much.  Paradoxically, we've found that most people with old cars actually resent having to pay to have them fixed.  Maybe they think that because their cars aren't worth anything they shouldn't have to pay anything to repair them.

Is There A Warranty?:  Our standard warranty is one year.  The reality is that if your car is going to come back it will be in the first week, or after the first hard rain.  We rarely have come backs but this is an imperfect world.  We also tell people that if something does occur after a year, to call and we will have a look at it and if it is something we did or didn't do we'll give you a heckuvadeal on the subsequent repair.  This happens rarely, about once every other year at most.
If we can't warranty the work, usually due to undisclosed or previously undiscovered crash damage, we will discuss what your options are, but the reality is that if we work on your car, you won't be having that problem again.  We are very good at what we do.

Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair works on the following brands, in no particular order: Honda, General Motors, GM, Chevrolet Cars & Trucks, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Subaru, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Porsche, Lexus, Dodge, Acura, Infinity, Cadillac, Mazda, Scion.

Beginning in 2017 the cut off date for cars worked on is 2002. The reason for this is that cars become more difficult and more expensive to repair as they age and anything older than 2002 is likely to require new parts and or sublet repairs which drive up cost.

Please don't call if you own a SATURN:  We don't work on Saturns

How much is it going to cost?
:  Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair is known for fast, expert, and inexpensive repairs.  Most repairs (80 percent nowadays) are done without the use of expensive new parts; old parts can usually be repaired and re-used.  If your car is a good clean car (no crash repair) you'll be in and out for about the cost of an inexpensive cell phone.

How can I pay?
:  Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card.

Do you replace windshields?
:  If your car leaks directly after a windshield replacement, return to the glass installer and ensure that the windshield is not the cause before calling to schedule an appointment with Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair.  Doctor Agua sublets windshield replacement to a certified windshield technician.

Do you fix sunroofs?
:  Doctor Agua Water Leak Repair can fix many sunroof leaks.  However, if your sunroof is inoperable, it is undiagnosable and you will need to have it operable before the leak problem can be addressed unless you decide that we should just seal it up.

My Car is WET!!! Can you dry it?:
  Maybe!! We don't want to , but we can sublet the repair to remove, clean and dry your car's carpet for an additional cost that is worth the money if your car is swimming in water.  If need be we will replace the Detner/Underpad and treat the surfaces of your car with an anti-mold and mildew compound. Removing, Cleaning and Drying your vehicle's carpet will require an extra day or two but you will love your newly dry car!  It will cost you at least $500 to do so.

My car/truck is wet, where is it leaking?
:  Over time your car, truck, minivan, suv is going to leak.  Like the human body things wear out from age and use.  Factory seam sealant deteriorates; weatherstrips and rubber seals degrade or get damaged;  body seams open after minor collisions -fender benders are the source of innumerable trunk leaks, for instance.  Door panel splash shields and vapor barriers, radio and satellite antennae mounts, roof racks, body grommets, cowl seals, heater box manifolds can all begin to leak, as can tail lights, brake lights and light bar appliques.
Often a leak comes from more than one source, especially if it is caused by minor impact damage.

Do you do crash repair?
:  If your car, truck, minivan or suv has been in an accident and is now leaking, unless it was a minor fender bender, you should take it to a body shop to have it repaired.  The following is a list of just a few of the many body shops in our area whose work Dr. Agua knows and trusts:  Kadel's, Mackin's, Brady's, Alpine, Sharp, Beaverton Auto Body, Si's Auto Body.  When customers say they've had work done at one of these shops, it means we are not dealing with a poorly done accident repair.  These shops are located all around our Southwest Washington, Willamette Valley region including:  Battleground, Vancouver, Portland, Clackamas, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Hazel Dell, Lake Oswego, Canby, Salem and Aloha.
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